3 Year Anniversary – I’m Giving Away another iPad!

UPDATE: Contest Closed – Thanks For Entering – Winners to be announced shortly!

Happy 3 Year Anniversary to WhereDoesAllMyMoneyGo.com!

On July 23rd, 2010 WhereDoesAllMyMoneyGo.com will be turning three years old. In order to celebrate, I thought it would be nice to give away another iPad (and some other prizes, too). The reason I keep blogging and the reason this blog keeps growing is because of YOU, the reader! Prizes and contest details are down below, but first a bit of reflection:

Readership Statistics

The blog continues to grow. While the overall traffic is a pittance compared to other blogs, I’m still proud given the narrow focus of the site. I know I could easily blow these traffic numbers out of the water if I focused on more elementary topics – but I’ll set up a separate blog for that (perhaps a series of weekly 2 minute videos on the basics). This blog’s DNA is what it is, and I can’t/won’t change it, and that’s simply because I like writing THIS stuff. :)

Thank You

First and foremost, the biggest thanks goes to the regular readers and commenters. I also continue to learn plenty from my fellow bloggers and the many professional journalists who interact with me (I know I’m just a hack writer!). So how do I thank you? With a giveaway contest… which is sponsored in part by RedFlagDeals.com.

Please take a moment to visit some of their handy links, I wouldn’t be giving away the iPad this time if it wasn’t for them!

Information on the HST

Credit Card Comparison Tool

Current GIC rates, Savings Account rates, Mortgage Rates, and more.

…and now on to the prizes!

One Apple iPad (16GB WiFi)

I gave away an iPad only a few months ago. I think the prize was well received so why mess with success? I continue to use my own iPad every day, both at work and at home. Way better than an Etch-A-Sketch… (Retail Value: $549 CAD)

One Real Gold Coin

The Royal Canadian Mint produces some spectacular coins for collectors. Last year I gave away some silver coins. One of the winners indicated that really loved the idea of winning collector coins so this year I’ve decided to giveaway a pure gold coin. It’s only 0.5 grams, but hey: it’s a freakin’ gold coin! (Retail Value $74.95 CAD).

One Laser Engraved Titanium Spork

I don’t think this really needs an explanation. “Spork” and “Titanium”: I was sold as soon as I heard those two words together. It’s amazing that sporks aren’t the de-facto dining table utensil – they’re just so… versatile! And how could you not like titanium? Lighter and stronger is good. Oh, but it get’s better. This spork is laser engraved with the Star Trek StarFleet Academy logo on it and is fully functional. You say “gag gift”, I say “work of art”. (Retail Value $22.95 USD).

One of Five Sets of 2 Tickets to go see Wall Street: Money Never Sleeps

Wall Street is one of my favourite movies and Gordon Gekko is a great character. Just as the original was released after a market crash (Black Monday), the sequel will be released around the events of the Credit Crisis (and I believe the plot has even been re-written to incorporate it.) Five lucky winners will get a set of two ticket passes to their local movie theatre to watch Wall Street: Money Never Sleeps (or quite frankly, any movie of their choice).


How To Enter

You can earn up to 18 entries in the following ways:

  1. Earn 2 entries: Leave a comment on this contest post. Nothing in poor taste, and no using vulgarities (as per usual). NOTE: There is no need to leave a comment to tell me you tweeted, or that you added my fan page on facebook – I can monitor that stuff myself. Superfluous comments will be deleted. Only one comment will be counted towards the giveaway.
  2. Earn 2 more entries: Be subscribed (and validated) to email updates from WhereDoesAllMyMoneyGo.com. If you are already subscribed, you get the 2 entries automatically. “Validated” means that your subscription is active and you are receiving the emails. Click here to subscribe to the email updates if you aren’t already and get your two entries.
  3. Earn 2 more entries: Follow me on Twitter. Go to my twitter profile and then make sure to “follow PreetBanerjee”. If you already follow me on twitter, you already get the 2 entries. Click here to get to my twitter page, and then make sure to follow me.
  4. Earn 5 more entries: Tweet ONCE about the contest. The tweet earns you 5 entries BUT, your tweet MUST include “@preetbanerjee” (so I see it) and a link to this post. If you want, you can tweet more than once, but you can only get credited for it ONE TIME.
  5. Earn 2 more entries: “Like” Preet Banerjee on Facebook. This fan page doesn’t include the blog updates, but does include other updates (like about the TV show in development with the W Network, upcoming media appearances, and future contest announcements). Click here to go to the fan page and then click on the “like” button to get your 2 entries.
  6. Earn 5 more entries: If you have your own blog, link to this contest and you can earn 5 more entries. A valid trackback MUST show up here (on the contest post) down below. If you don’t see it one hour after publishing your post, email me the details and I’ll make sure you are credited.
  7. Contest closes July 31st, 2010 at 11:59pm EST.

Contest Rules for the Giveaway

  • Contest open to residents of Canada and the USA only.
  • Entries must be earned or submitted before 11:59pm EST on July 31st, 2010.
  • Winner will be announced during the first week of August 2010.
  • Winner must correctly answer a skill testing question.
  • For comment entries, you must submit a valid email address in the comment form. Don’t worry, it will not be visible to anyone but me and it will never be shared or sold to anyone either.
  • I reserve the right to delete or disqualify any entries for any reasonable grounds. For example, profanity will result in disqualification. Email addresses created specifically for entering contests will not be allowed and will be disqualified.
  • Winner will be contacted using the email address provided or by direct tweet, or by any other reasonable efforts. The winner will have exactly one week after I initiate contact to provide their full contact details in order to claim their prize. I will make all reasonable efforts to get in touch with the winners.
  • The Winners will be drawn at random. First draw will be for the iPad, second draw for the Gold Coin, third draw for the Spork, and fourth threw eighth draws will be for 1 set of 2 movie passes. If a winner does not claim their prize, a new draw will be held for that prize.
Preet Banerjee
Preet Banerjee
...is an independent consultant to the financial services industry and a personal finance commentator. You can learn more about Preet at his personal website and you can click here to follow him on Twitter.
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    But seriously, an iPad would be kinda neat. :)

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    Happy 3 Year Anniversary, Preet. We (as I’m sure others will agree) are profoundly grateful for the time and effort you put into producing the type of content that you do and we hope you carry on your mission as long as possible. Best of luck.

  • Canadian Capitalist

    Congratulations Preet! I was just drooling over the iPad at FutureShop yesterday. It would be nice to win one :)

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    Ipad for me!

    Seriously, thanks for your blogs, and Happy Anniversary!

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    This is a great way to spend marketing dollars! For about $750 I think you will get great exposure! Well done. I am taking notes as I work to build up my blog Frankly Speaking http://www.frankwiginton.ca.

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    I posted a blog entry regarding your contest at http://www.brilang.com last night. I don’t see a trackback yet and it’s been over 12 hours.
    Blog post url: http://www.brilang.com/2010/07/22/another-ipad-giveaway/

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    My husband and I also want to know if the spork has the original logo or the JJ Abrams logo. If we win we’ll trade the stupid gold coin for the ultimate spork. Our wedding bands are titanium.

    Preet Banjeree you rock !

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    Hey I’m eating wings with you right now. Don’t forget that I covered the bill

  • Sebastien Pelletier

    Congratulation on the 3 year Aniversary, really enjoy reading your blog, looking forward to do it on the iPad ;-)

  • Preet

    Preet’s note: Trackback note

    Hey Preet

    Hope you are enjoying your long weekend?

    Since I do not see the trackback on your site, I just wanted to let you know that a link to your 3 year contest was added to my blog at:


    Best Regards

  • Scott Green

    Congratulations on this great achievement. Keep the informative articles coming.

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