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I’ve been working on a number of different projects lately, one of which is planning the careful migration of this blog to a wordpress format. It’s taking some time, and in order to maintain my search engine ranking I will have to manually edit the URLs in the new MySQL database for a seamless transition (and to maintain valid destinations for inbound links). (I think.) So hopefully you will bare with me as the posting frequency may go down until the launch of the new site which should be in mid-June. I think the site has gotten a bit ugly, and I’m looking to take it up a notch in presentation. Thanks for your patience! :)

A Lap Of The Blogs

I see that the top Skribit suggestion so far has been a request for information on a career in financial advisory. Along that vein, Investizmo has written about how to become a trader – which is totally different than a retail financial advisor, but I’m sure you’ll find it interesting.

The Canadian Capitalist takes a small tour of some ETFs from Vanguard that can be used for global diversification.

Canadian Dream: Free at 45 reminds us what’s really important in life: time – the ultimate luxury. Tim’s been spending lots of quality time at home lately and it’s reinforced his desire to retire by 45.

Canadian Financial DIY has a very informative post on Mortgage Investment Corporations. It basically allows pools of investors to act like a bank and provide capital that is used for mortgages – instead of the bank getting interest – you do. The returns are higher because the people borrowing money may be higher risk borrowers (construction, second mortgages, etc.).

The Million Dollar Journey discusses the Manulife One Mortgages, indicating the higher costs may not be worth it for most. The discussion continues in the comments section – make sure to check them out.

This Week’s Racing Video

Would you believe that a Formula One steering wheel costs as much as a BMW M3? Here’s a four minute video exploring the fascinating technology that gets packed into where the horn goes on regular cars. (No airbags in racecars)

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Preet Banerjee
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    Thanks for the mention Preet. If you need some help with the migration, let me know!

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    Thanks for the mention Preet. Have a nice weekend!