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If you are new to WhereDoesAllMyMoneyGo.com, every Friday I run a post called “A Lap Of The Blogs” which provides links to articles I found interesting and think that others may want to read for themselves. I also include some commentary on what’s going on in my personal life and a weekly “racing video” since my former life was in the auto-racing industry. The name “Lap of the Blogs” is in reference to “A Lap Of The Gods” which is an old video series which chronicled on-board footage of the world’s greatest F1 drivers lapping various racetracks from around the world.

The draw for July’s Money Movie Giveaway will be announced Saturday. Also, I forgot to announce that this blog turned 1 year old on July 23rd (while I was away). Thanks to all the readers, contributors and my fellow bloggers for your support during this time!

A Lap Of The Blogs

Larry MacDonald finds some unusual indices on Investopedia (like the Leading Lipstick Indicator).

Thicken My Wallet wonders if real estate has been the true path to wealth (or not).

Jonathan Chevreau writes about the credit crisis now affecting the wealthy.

The Million Dollar Journey explains the basics of margin accounts.

The Quest for Four Pillars talks about how pyramid schemes try to instill the concept of ‘Dreamkillers’ in the minds of their prey.

The Canadian Capitalist links to the now famous Randy Pausch’s Last Lecture. Randy knew he was dying when he gave this lecture and sadly passed away just recently.

Canadian Dream: Free at 45 explains how he gets free food.

Ellen Roseman asks how to invest in a bear market. (Answer: the same way you invest in a bull market if you a true investor.)

Michael James on Money talks about investing lessons and baseball.

This Week’s Racing Video

Following Michael James’ lead (somewhat), here is an investing lesson from auto-racing. This video shows what it’s like out there in the markets. The driver is like a disciplined investor who has been through the ups and downs (lefts and rights) and the passenger is a first-timer. Yes it can be scary, but it doesn’t need to be. The markets move in the same basic cycles over and over again – kind of like a driver doing lap after lap – nothing really changes… :) Have a great weekend everyone!

Preet Banerjee
Preet Banerjee
...is an independent consultant to the financial services industry and a personal finance commentator. You can learn more about Preet at his personal website and you can click here to follow him on Twitter.
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    Thanks for the link, Preet. I’ve had passengers react a little like that during city driving while I try to avoid the people weaving around while talking on their cell phones! Have a good weekend.

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    I liked the term “J. Lo” in Larry’s list. Thanks for the link!

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