A Lap Of The Blogs

I have to apologize for not posting yesterday as I was tied up with my day job from 7am until 10pm and fighting a case of minor food poisoning to boot! However, we now return to our regularly scheduled programming…

Investing 101

The Motley Fool explains the basics of stocks

Interesting Articles 

Thicken My Wallet shows us how to Increase our chances of obtaining a loan.

Larry MacDonald thinks it’s time to do some due diligence on potentially snapping up some shares in Google and makes a case as to why.

Mr. Cheap from The Quest for Four Pillars met Bill Gates in Boston… or did he? :) 

The Million Dollar Journey did a book review on "Rich Dad’s: Increase Your Financial IQ". I had errently pointed to the book giveaway post before, but the contest is now closed.

The Canadian Capitalist discusses The Costs of Home Ownership

Racing Video of the Week

This is a short video of an F1 engine being tested for the first time after being mated to the car. A Formula 1 engine will idle at higher revs than a NASCAR engine at full throttle – and will reach 19,000rpm (in fact they are restricted to this speed). F1 engines can rev this high because the engines don’t use valvesprings like a road car or other racecars would – the valvesprings can’t keep up to the high engine speeds. Instead they used a pneumatic valvetrain filled with compressed air to operate the valves fast enough. Just one of the many intricacies of the world’s most expensive sport. At about 20 seconds into the video you will see the exhaust pipes starting to glow with heat and they eventually become white hot once they start revving the engine!

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