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If you are new to WhereDoesAllMyMoneyGo.com, every Friday I run a post called “A Lap Of The Blogs” which provides links to articles I found interesting and think that others may want to read for themselves. I also sometimes include some commentary on what’s going on in my personal life and a weekly “racing video” since my former life was in the auto-racing industry. The name “Lap of the Blogs” is in reference to “A Lap Of The Gods” which is an old video series which chronicled on-board footage of the world’s greatest F1 drivers lapping various racetracks from around the world. NOTE: you have to visit the actual website to see the embedded video – it may not appear in your email. Just click on the title of the email to see it…

I’m heading to Atlanta this weekend, but just for Saturday. While it was 17 degrees there today, it will only be 4 degrees while I’m there – bah! Oh well, if anyone has any suggestions on what to do while I’m there let me know – otherwise I’ll just take a tour of the CNN studios and grab a slaw-dog. (I worked in Atlanta for a few weeks back in my racing days, but there was no time to do anything except work and eat slaw-dogs.) :)

From Around The Blogosphere

Why are we so clueless about the stock market?” is a book reviewed by Thicken My Wallet.

Big Crotchety Man regales us of his misadventures in buying a new (to him) van.

Jonathan Chevreau writes a piece in which the TFSA account is shown to be a superior investment vehicle over the RRSP in some cases.

Rob Carrick discusses your mortgage options: fixed or variable? Yes.

Michael James on Money asks if people WANT to be fooled by car ads.

Four Pillars explains personal finance at Ridgemont High.

Million Dollar Journey explains that we don’t have to give up lattes to save money: there are other ways less painful (to some).

Canadian Capitalist highlights a recent documentary that looks into the world of credit card companies from the inside. Great video.

This Week’s Racing Video

Have you ever thought about strapping a jet engine onto a truck? Neither have I. Enjoy! :) (Email Subscriber: click here to view)

Preet Banerjee
Preet Banerjee
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  • Big Chutzpah Man

    Thanks for the mention, now that Winter has come again, I will be hiding under my blankets until March!

  • Michael James

    Thanks for the mention. I’ve only been to Atlanta once and the extent of my tourist activities was to take a half-hour walk near my hotel. You shouldn’t have too much trouble finding something more interesting than that.

  • Canadian Capitalist

    Thanks for the mention. Is that 4 C? Considering we are freezing in 20 below weather here, you’ll excuse me if my heart isn’t bleeding yet :)

    Have a great weekend.

  • Million Dollar Journey

    Thanks for the link Preet! Make sure to look me up if you in St. John’s!

  • Thicken My Wallet

    Thanks for the link. Enjoy the south.