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If you are new to WhereDoesAllMyMoneyGo.com you should know that most Fridays I run a post called “A Lap Of The Blogs” in which I link to some articles of interest I’ve read in the past week. I also include a weekly “racing video” because my former life was in the auto racing industry… Enjoy!

Next week I will be announcing the iPad contest, so make sure to check back next week to learn how you can enter for your chance to win a 16GB WiFi iPad! In other news, I played my first round of golf this year. I’ve probably played about 10 rounds in my life, so basically I really suck still. I’m committed to playing and practicing more this year but what you may not know is that the office for my day job is located right on the Glen Abbey Golf Course in Oakville, ON – and it’s one of the nicest golf courses around, uber snooty at $280 a round. Occasionally, I will have to golf for work (I know, poor me!) and this past week everyone I played with had been playing seriously for over 10 years. They all shot 85 and under and I shot a 132. BUT it was an honest 132… lol. My goal for this year is to bring that to a 115.

And now onto the weekly link love…

From Around The Blogosphere

Rob Carrick: You could increase financial literacy if you increased disclosure requirements.

Canadian Capitalist: Investors need to calm down.

Jonathan Chevreau: IFIC jumps on financial literacy bandwagon, but does it really want it??

Michael James on Money: The high cost of funerals, and a cheaper basic cremation option.

Ellen Roseman: Reader horror stories!

Squawkfox: How to sell a used car online.

Million Dollar Journey: Save money on your home phone by using VoIP (we do this).

Investment Executive: Sun Life launches a new mutual fund company. Haven’t seen new mutual fund companies launch lately, as opposed to index funds and ETFs.

Canadian Financial DIY: Not a fan of the canceled trades from last week.

Big Cajun Man: Should you insure your mortgage? YO!

Ellen Roseman: Your right to a refund, exchange or credit.

Thicken My Wallet: The effects of dividends on decreasing volatility.

Big Cajun Man: How much is that house worth BMO?

Million Dollar Journey: How the Age and Pension credit works.

Thicken My Wallet: Hiring a summer student.

Canadian Finance Blog: 5 steps to improving your credit score.

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This Week’s Racing Video

Race car versus a race bike. The F1 car blows it away in the corners of course, but motorcycle racers are like the Road Runner – no one gave them that book that explains mortality so it doesn’t phase or bother them (that’s a reference to how the road runner could run off a cliff but never fall because they didn’t read that book titled ‘gravity’.) Enjoy!

Preet Banerjee
Preet Banerjee
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  • bigcajunman

    Thanks for the mention, cool video too!

  • Canadian Capitalist

    Thanks for the mention Preet! Cheers!

  • Michael James

    Thanks for the mention. Have a great weekend!

  • Tom @ Canadian Finance Blog

    Thanks for the link!

    I've been to Glen Abbey a couple years ago, but not to golf. We were nearby so we checked out the clubhouse and picked up some Canadian Open souvenirs. If I remember, it was just a day or two before the Open was about to start.

  • as

    “Worst Move: 'My worst move was completely cashing out my investment in the Altamira Resource Fund during university to pay for beer and partying.'”

    That's a Best Move in my book (and, !^%@ the chequebook)…