A Lap Of The Blogs

Don’t forget that I’m giving away a free copy of KPMG’s Tax Planning For You and Your Family 2008 – entry deadline is this Sunday at midnight – you can enter by clicking here for details. I’m enjoying my pseudo time off in Vancouver where I’ve realized that I’m very much sleep deprived. It’s amazing how a ‘Control-Alt-Delete’ on life re-energizes you. :) Without further adieu…

A Lap Of The Blogs

Investizmo is new to the blogosphere so I thought I would point to his entry on how Microsoft has switched its sights from Yahoo! to Facebook. The blog’s author is a trader for a big Bay Street firm and so far his blog is focused more on market news and musings in a very readable tone. Good luck with the blog!

The Canadian Capitalist asserts that currency hedging has its costs and might not be worth it in the long run. Personally, I believe that since the recent past has shown that hedging might have been nice with the run-up of the loonie, that’s exactly why you might not want to hedge for the next while anyways.

Canadian Financial DIY gives his two cents on why Standard Deviation and Correlation are not useless tools as espoused by the author of another website (linked from within the blog post).

The Quest For Four Pillars would like you to know that ‘it’s the thought that counts’ with Mother’s day around the corner and provides some suggestions for gifts that won’t break the bank.

Thicken My Wallet suggests that you shouldn’t judge your advisor when things are going well, but rather you should judge them when things are going wrong. That’s Gold Jerry!

Canadian Dream: Free at 45 has some ‘Strange Thoughts’ that he would like to share. They are actually not so strange, but definitely thought provoking! The author just welcomed a new baby into the family, so congratulations are in order too!

Michael James On Money writes about one of Warren Buffett’s latest investment strategies. He and I continue the discussion in the comments section.

The Million Dollar Journey has a great post that summarized the different types of retirement investment accounts and their differences between Canada and the US.

This Week’s Racing Video

So who are the craziest racers in the world? Consideration must be given to the participants of the annual Isle of Man TT Race – over 100 years there has been over 2 deaths per year in this famous event in which motorcycle racers drive as fast as they can through a 37 mile course through a small city. This is a 9 minute video, but just when you think you’ve seen crazy – it’s gets even better! How about doing a wheelie at 300 km/h, and passing a guy on the outside of a corner with walls on either side? Does that qualify as crazy?

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