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If you are new to WhereDoesAllMyMoneyGo.com you should know that most Fridays I run a post called “A Lap Of The Blogs” in which I link to some articles of interest I’ve read in the past week. I also include a weekly “racing video” because my former life was in the auto racing industry… Enjoy!

Fiona came back from a week long getaway with some girlfriends on Thursday night (which is the night I write the weekly lap of the blogs and record the internet radio show). Sorry for the delay, but at least you’ll have something to read over the weekend… :)

Episode 9 of the WhereDoesAllMyMoneyGo.com Internet Radio Show

Approaching the 1,300 subscriber mark for the WhereDoesAllMyMoneyGo.com Internet Radio Show! Episode 7 was just published and should show up in iTunes shortly (subscribe to the podcast here). Don’t have iTunes? You can listen to it here too.

From Around The Blogosphere

Thicken My Wallet: How short is too short when it comes to investing?

Jonathan Chevreau: Be wary of giving friends power of attorney.

Larry MacDonald: DSC Mutual Funds (Deferred Sales Charge)

Big First Stepping Man: Sometimes it takes  a long time.

Michael James on Money: Why do we use Gaussian distributions? Why not use Cauchy distributions? What about something in between?

Money Smarts Blog: Ranting about stock market indexes.

Million Dollar Journey: Six ways to invest in gold.

Canadian Capitalist: Wise investing should complement a savings habit.

Canadian Finance Blog: Saving money at a farmer’s market.

This Week’s Racing Video

Another oldie but goodie. This is an on-board view of a 7 second quarter mile car, including burnout, purging of the nitrous system and some pretty angry sounding horses under the hood. Check it out. Total running time about 2 minutes. Enjoy!

Preet Banerjee
Preet Banerjee
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  • Big Steppin Man

    First step ask her out and treat her like a lady….

    Whoops just flashing back to the 70s

    Thanks for the mention. Enjoy the weekend I am reading it on a borrowed iPad.

  • Tom @ Canadian Finance Blog

    Thanks for the mention Preet!

  • Michael James

    It sounds like your radio show is really taking off. Thanks for the mention.

  • Money Smarts Blog

    Thanks for the link, Preet.


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