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If you are new to WhereDoesAllMyMoneyGo.com you should know that most Fridays I run a post called “A Lap Of The Blogs” in which I link to some articles of interest I’ve read in the past week. I also include a weekly “racing video” because my former life was in the auto racing industry… Enjoy!

In the middle of week 3 of the detox diet and I’m down 5 pounds as of this morning. I’ve slipped a bit this week, so I’ll have to be extra diligent when I get back from vacation. Oh yeah, no blog posts are scheduled for next week as I’ll be in Los Angeles visiting my brand new nephew, Kayton. I’ll also swing by Research Affiliates’ head office in Newport Beach. Fiona tags along to Research Affiliates because I drop her off at Fashion Island – an outdoor mall the size of a small country which is just across the street! :)

Episode 14 of the WhereDoesAllMyMoneyGo.com Internet Radio Show

The WDAMMG Internet Radio Show is an audio reproduction of what I’ve written about on the blog – it’s for those who may appreciate keeping up with content while doing other things (like working out, on the commute to work, etc.) Currently, we are now at over 1,800 subscribers. Episode 14 was just published and should show up in iTunes shortly (subscribe to the podcast here). Don’t have iTunes? You can listen to it here too.

From Around The Blogosphere

Globe and Mail article 1: Don’t let schools teach your kids to gamble.

Globe and Mail article 2: Bailouts from the Bank of Mom and Dad.

Kerry K. Taylor, also known as Squawkfox, tells you the real reason you’re broke.

Canadian Capitalist discusses two TIME magazine covers and discusses how they may be the ultimate contrarian indicators for the real estate market.

Larry MacDonald asks if he should “dump this loser“? No, “Larry MacDonald” is not the pen name for a teenage girl. Read the piece for more info.

Michael James on Money discusses storage facilities and how we keep too much junk. In other words, we should call them junk storage. Or garbage depots. Or the penthouses of landfills.

Big Cajun Man also writes about storage facilities, but in this piece he explains how a Fort Knox looking facility actually just used locks as decorations as they didn’t do anything.

Million Dollar Journey has a guest post asking if your life insurance policy is about to implode. Note the discussion in the comments section as well.

Finally, Money Smarts Blog writes about his disdain surrounding LSIFs (Labour Sponsored Investment Funds). He says you should never buy an investment based solely on the tax benefits.

This Week’s Racing Video

I filmed this week’s video myself! The American LeMans Series rolled into town (Mosport International Raceway) a few weeks ago and I went down with a buddy to check out the action. Everything you see was filmed with an iPhone 4. I’m quite impressed by it’s quality and ease of use (Youtube processed it as standard definition, I’m working on getting the HD version uploaded shortly) . ALMS is a type of sportscar racing. Some cars look like race-prepped everyday vehicles (okay, maybe not “everyday” vehicles) and some are sports “prototypes”. You’ll know those when you see them. Enjoy! (Click here to view if reading by email)

Preet Banerjee
Preet Banerjee
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  • Michael James

    Have fun in LA. Thanks for the mention.

  • Traciatim

    Nice video Preet, it does look pretty good for a camera phone. I think you should get a small tripod or monopod though.

    • Preet

      …or drink less.

      • Dd

        Which is also a great way to save money ;)

  • Big Cajun Man

    Security is in the eyes of the beholder! Thanks for the mention, have a great weekend, oh Maven of Money

  • Canadian Capitalist

    One cover turned out to be a contrarian indicator. Remains to be seen if the recent cover also turns out to be one. Thanks for the mention!

  • Million Dollar Journey

    Thanks for the mention!

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