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I overhauled the blog a week ago and gave it a new design. So far, the design changes seem to be working as pageviews on the site jumped 60% overnight. Check it out and I’d love to hear your feedback in the comments.

Last weekend I took Fiona down to Indianapolis so we could watch my friend James Hinchcliffe qualify for his first Indy 500. He did, and starts 13th on the grid. I’ve known James’ family for almost 10 years now and I even had the privilege of lining up alongside of him for an F2000 race, I think we qualified 5th and 6th. It was memorable because we both had to drive off the track before turn 1 to avoid a spinning driver ahead of us. Mind you, that was one of his first car races, and one of my last. He is so ridiculously fast its not funny. Perhaps that is why he’s running the 500 and I’m watching it. :)

The Indy 500 is on this Sunday starting at noon on ABC. You can visit his website (which is really cool and funny) here: Hinchtown.com.

From Around the Blogosphere This Week

Squawkfox: eBay buyer beware: What to do if you’re scammed on eBay. Kerry is one of my favourite writers.

Thicken My Wallet: Post 700 and the beginning of the end. Yes, Thick is shutting down his blog over the course of the next year. He will be sorely missed.

Jonathan Chevreau: Debt may not be a four letter word. What? D…E…B…T… I definitely see four letters.

Canadian Capitalist: A foolproof way to convert Canadian dollars to greenbacks?

Michael James on Money: Investing and the Irrational Mind – book review. I’m a sucker for behavioural finance.

Canadian Couch Potato: Could you have picked the winning funds? Whenever people prepare a hypothetical portfolio of active funds to show how it beats indexing, it assumes you have foresight that quite frankly, doesn’t exist as much as one would hope.

Big Cajun Man: Buying your cable box?

MoneySmarts Blog: The Last Minute RESP – procrastinators rejoice, you can still send your kids away to get drunk to school.

This Week’s Racing Video(s)

A friend posted a video on facebook of some sportscars driving through one of the most famous corners in motorsport: Eau Rouge at Spa Francorchamps. I found a similar video, except it showed F1 cars in the same corner. The sportscars are driving faster than most people will ever experience in their lives, but watch that video first, then watch the F1 cars for a visual comparison. It’s CRAZY.


Preet Banerjee
Preet Banerjee
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  • Big Cajun Man

    Thanks for the inclusion, enjoy the Grand Prix of Monaco as well this weekend!

  • Michael James

    Your new design is slick. I like the use of white space. Thanks for the mention.

  • Kaidian

    Fabulous new design – I love it!

  • Erick

    I like the new layout, but the font used in the posts is too…squinty? washed-out? Not exactly sure how to describe it…

  • Canadian Capitalist

    I like this new design as well. Thanks for the mention!

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    Hi Preet,

    I like the new redesign, and thanks for the blog list as well.