An iPod tax in Canada up to $75?!?!

Yikes! It’s actually a blanket tax on flash memory storage devices by the looks of it, and it will range based on the size of the memory – and for a 30GB iPod it looks to be $75!

It hasn’t gone into effect yet and won’t be until at least 2008 – but if it is passed and you were considering buying a device which would incur the tax keep an eye on the implementation date!

You can read the full story here. I have to give credit to the BoyGeniusReport (which is a website that provides ungodly fast sneak previews of the next generation mobile phones and other cool gadgets) for digging up this info before the general Canadian Press! Well done! If you are a tech-head – you will LOVE the

Read about the Canadian iPod tax by clicking here

Link to the BoyGeniusReport by clicking here

Preet Banerjee
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