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Answers to your questions on CBC’s The National (and a bad joke)


Earlier this month, I shared CBC’s request for your questions for The Bottom Line panel on The National with Peter Mansbridge. A few weeks ago, we answered them. There were lots of great questions, and lots of great answers from Patti Croft, Amanda Lang, and Jim Stanford. I threw in a few satisfactory answers here and there too.

There was a televised segment, and then a web extra (since there were so many questions). What you didn’t see in the web extra, was Peter walking away from the table after I made a certain comment about “the danger of using averages”. Specifically, of the four panelists, “on average” we have half a penis – but that clearly doesn’t tell you the whole story. This was in reference to young versus older Canadians comparing their personal debt-to-income ratios to the now 163%+ national average.

Televised segment


Special Web Extra


If you can’t see the embedded video links, click here to access the clips on CBC’s site.


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Preet Banerjee is a Canadian personal finance commentator. He is a television host for The Oprah Winfrey Network, a Money Expert for The W Network, a personal finance columnist for The Globe and Mail, and a regular panellist on CBC's The National with Peter Mansbridge. He also appears frequently as a guest commentator on a variety of other programs and media.


  1. Definitely adult material – funny stuff.

    Nice response to Mr. Alan Whitton from Ottawa :)

    Happy New Year Preet!

  2. Robb says:

    Good panel, Preet! I liked the answer you gave about increasing your rate of savings rather than focusing on your rate of return. I get asked that question a lot and that’s the answer I give as well.

    Amanda is awesome. Can you get me an autographed copy of her book :)

  3. Patrick says:

    Well… I for one hate the banks.