Appearance on CBC’s The National with Peter Mansbridge

I had the pleasure of sitting on an economic panel on CBC’s The National with Peter Mansbridge this past Wednesday night. The focus was to try and make sense of the major questions on people’s minds today regarding money, their homes, jobs and the future. I’m including two links, the first is about 14 minute, the second is about 4 minutes. The other panelists were Amanda Lang, Patricia Croft and Jim Stanford.

Part One (14 minutes)

Part Two (4 minutes)

Preet Banerjee
Preet Banerjee an independent consultant to the financial services industry and a personal finance commentator. You can learn more about Preet at his personal website and you can click here to follow him on Twitter.
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  • Jim Yih

    Looking good Preet! Well done!

    • Preet

      Thanks Jim!

  • Tom

    I thought you made a very good performance, rather better than some of the others. Some of the questions you had there – “Should people spend or save?” – were a bit odd. The question should be one of balance (what % of income to spending vs. what % of income to saving).

    Your write up made an error though; one of the panelists was “Jim Stanford” NOT Peter Stanford, the well known economist of the CAW. I thought he made a very good point (which nobody else on the panel responded to in any meaningful sense) that many Canadian families just don’t have any income available for investing so teling them to get TFSAs/RESPs/RRSPs is far from helpful. For those low and middle income Canadians, I think the best option is to raise the contributions (and benefits) offered by the Canada Pension Plan/Quebec Pension Plan.

    • Preet

      Thanks Tom – I’ve updated the write up.

  • Slacker

    Nicely done !! Don’t forget us small people. ;-)

    • Preet

      Already forgotten. Just kidding! :)

  • Brian Poncelet


    Good interview, but some of the points missed was risk management! How to protect yourself against all types of ecomic conditions. I’ve got to get you the book I talked you awhile ago. Drop me a line when you are in Oakville again!

    Merry Christmas & Best wishes for the New Year!


  • Patrick

    Yours was far and away the best advice at the end of the video. I’m totally stealing your 3-point plan and telling everyone about it. Brilliant.

  • Real Estate Investment Software

    Very Nice! Nice work Preet.

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