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I can’t believe September came and went so quickly! My girlfriend kidnapped me to Niagara-On-The-Lake for the weekend to celebrate my birthday and we took in two tours: One to the Peller Estates Winery and one to Inniskillin Wines.  The material on both tours was almost exactly the same so I would suggest going for one tour and then just doing the tastings at other wineries… :)  In any case, here are some picks for "best of breed" for September…

The Mutual Fund Company That Might Change The World is about a relatively new fund company that gives you the ability to treat the interest income you earn from their bond funds like capital gains for tax purposes (actually you can choose what type of income you receive from almost all of their different funds).  A must read.

Flow Through Shares Strategies Part 1 talks about a 2 Year Flow Through Share Limited Partnership Ladder which gives you the ability to reduce taxes substantially on an ongoing basis.  If you are maximizing your RRSP you will NEED to read this article.

What is Short Selling or Shorting a Stock? is an introduction to a method of buying low and selling high in the opposite order.  It is basically used when you think a stock is going to fall as you sell it first (without owning it) and then buy it back after it has fallen. Clear as mud? :)

Mutual Fund Corporations vs Mutual Fund Trusts explores the differences between the two structures and why you might want to hold Corporations in your non-registered portfolios and Trusts in your RRSP or other sheltered accounts.

I’d also like to give a thanks to a couple of websites for mentioning us.  Coupled with organic growth, this website’s traffic grew by approximately 60% month over month! The top refferer was The Canadian Capitalist, followed by The Million Dollar Journey.

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