CORRECTED: Diversification Visualized with Google Motion Chart

Apologies to email subscribers: this morning’s first email did not include the video or chart (and it wasn’t a lame attempt at an April Fool’s prank!). This data was actually published last week but removed so it could run exclusively in The Globe and Mail on Friday. Now that it ran there, I can re-publish on this blog (part of my deal with them). Sorry for the multiple confusions!

I was just goofing around and put together this spreadsheet to play with Google’s motion charts. I took the annual returns from one of Libra Investment Management’s spreadsheets and created a “growth of $1″ simulation for a bunch of asset classes as well as a diversified portfolio. I’m embedding two things: a YouTube video to explain how to use the chart, and the actual chart for you to play with.

FYI: The diversified portfolio in this version is 30% Canada, 15% US, 15% EAFE, 30% CDN Long Bonds, 10% Gold. I’ll make the full spreadsheet available another time in which you can change the asset mix of the diversified portfolio to anything you want and see the new visualization results.

First the explanation video:


Then the chart to play with yourself:

Preet Banerjee
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