Driving a Ferrari F430 Scuderia in Las Vegas… and an update

Hey everybody, thanks for your patience as the blog takes a bit of a back seat during the last quarter of 2010. I’ve been busy (I realized the other day that I essentially have four jobs) and I’m just figuring out how to better manage my time for 2011, because I would like to pump up the blog content going forward. I’m also thinking of transitioning it to a video blog with broader content, although that might be an offshoot blog altogether so I can keep the DNA of this blog alive (what more work? Yeah, why not…).

In the meantime, I thought I would share a video for my gearhead readers who’ve been missing my weekly Lap Of The Blog posts. Last weekend I was in Las Vegas blowing off some steam. Booked a helicopter to fly the strip at night (about $80 per person), and I also booked some seat time in some exotic cars to rip around the racetrack at the Las Vegas Motor Speedway. I took a Ferrari F430 Scuderia for 10 laps ($649USD) and a Lamborghini Gallardo LP640 for 5 laps ($250USD).

The Scuderia is essentially a race-prepped F430. It is 220 lbs less than the base model and has 20 extra horsepower for a total of 510HP. The most impressive aspect was the lightning quick shifts, which take place in 60 milliseconds! On the main straight, you will notice my head snapping forwards and then backwards during the 2-3 upshift. 510HP to 0 HP and back to 510 HP in less than a tenth of a second will do that to you. :P

Not to sound like an elitist, but wow, the Lamborghini felt like driving a boat after driving the Scuderia. There is NO comparison. I will have to reserve judgment on Lamborghinis as a whole until I drive the Superleggera editions (which are kind of like the Scuderia equivalent in terms of modifications).

Anyways, here’s the video. It’s been two years since I’ve driven on a track, but I hope to remedy that next year and hopefully get back into some formula cars and maybe some full blown races too. Merry Christmas everyone! If you celebrate something other than Christmas, Happy Holidays!

Preet Banerjee
Preet Banerjee
...is an independent consultant to the financial services industry and a personal finance commentator. You can learn more about Preet at his personal website and you can click here to follow him on Twitter.
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  • Dsimek

    Can you post a link to the driving school you went to? And no not your high school one the kick ass go really fast one.

  • Frank Wiginton

    Hi Preet – This is very cool! I am definitely going to have to try this next time I am in Vegas! You can tell you are the most comfortable on the track compared to the other drivers. Is this going to be a future career?
    Merry Christmas

    • Preet

      Thanks Frank – past career actually. :)

  • Brian

    Man Preet, that looks like so much fun!!

    • Preet

      Looks like fun, FEELS like awesome. :)

  • dj

    Glad your a better driver….then your math skills:)

  • SoloSailor

    Great video, thanks for sharing!

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