Easy way to avoid the $1.25 ATM transaction fee

Easy one today – I was just at my local grocery store and using the automated checkout lane (the one where you scan the items yourself) and I decided to use the cashback feature.  "Cashback" is a term used by retailers when you use your debit card and in addition to paying for your purchase, you also take money out of your bank account and the merchant gives you the cash.  Almost all retailers who do this DO NOT CHARGE the $1.25 ATM "convenience" fee that a bank machine charges when you don’t use your own bank’s network of machines.

MoneyUSDollars.jpgSO – next time you do your groceries (or visit ANY retailer that offers cashback) make sure to take advantage of the free transaction! I probably save about $10/month doing this. Don’t be afraid to ask at the checkout if the retailer "has cashback" – a lot of them do these days! Not only do you save money, you save yourself the hassle of finding and going to a bank machine…


Preet Banerjee
Preet Banerjee
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