Global diversification of S&P 500 increasing

After hovering around 25% during the 1990’s, the percentage of foreign sales of companies in the S&P 500 increased steadily during the 2000’s to about 30%. I have to imagine that this trend will likely continue with sales forecasts for the domestic US market less than rosy these days.

Buy American, but sell to anyone I guess.

Thanks to JP Morgan Asset Management for the chart.

Source: JP Morgan Funds Inc.

Source: FactSet, Compustat, J.P. Morgan Global Economics Research, J.P. Morgan Asset Management.
Estimates of global consumption for 2010 and 2011 provided by J.P. Morgan Global Economics Research.
Foreign sales as a percentage of total sales is calculated as an unweighted average of individual S&P 500 companies’ reported sales figures and does not capture all index members due to differences in reporting practices.
Data are as of 9/30/11.


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