I came across an interesting article in the Wall Street Journal, written by Eleanor Laise, and titled Where The Financial Gurus Are Putting Their Own Money. It’s quite an interesting read on a number of fronts. Quoted in the article are Jeremy Siegel (Stocks for the Long Run), Robert Arnott (Fundamental Indexation), John Bogle (Vanguard), Muriel Siebert (brought the first national discount brokerage to the US!), and David Dremen (Dremen Value Management LLC). Each reveal some information about their personal portfolios.

It’s probably not surprising to learn that if you ask six people the same question about investing, you get six different answers for the most part. What they do have in common is patience, a long term outlook, and discipline. You’ll also note that some may have taken on large losses just like the majority of non-professional investors… :)

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