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A very special lap of the blogs edition since this week’s video is a lap of Circuit Gilles Villeneuve in Montreal, where the Formula 1 race is taking place this weekend – and as always, I will be there soaking up the action. A friend of mine is lucky enough to be having lunch with Kimi Raikkonnen (lucky guy!), but I will be much further from the action… such is the life of a mere peon. :)

From Around the Blogosphere

The Million Dollar Journey goes through the basics of fundamental indexing versus traditional indexing. The fees are higher than plain indexing, and many wonder if it is worth it or not.

The Canadian Capitalist explains his Five Basics for Financial Success – as one of the most respected voices in the blogosphere, it’s worth checking out.

Michael James on Money points out the ETFs don’t always mean lower costs. He highlights a new ETF with an MER of around 2%. Compare that to the Vanguard Total Stock Market ETF with an MER of just 0.07%, and other ETFs with MERs in the 0.25-0.40% range. What to the extra fees pay for? Is it worth it?

Canadian Dream: Free at 45 discusses the Great Disconnect between Time and Money. Another of his very thought provoking posts that go beyond just numbers.

Canadian Financial DIY has a lengthy post on the investment philosophy and structure of the Canadian Pension Plan (CPP). This is a fantastic post, very detailed and insightful.

Thicken My Wallet walks us through the basics of being sued – there are a lot of misconceptions out there, and TMW does a fabulous job explaining the subject in a practical manner.

Mr. Cheap from the Quest for Four Pillars talks about the Art and Science of Boycotting. These guys kill me – always entertaining and informative at the same time!

This Week’s Racing Video

As I mentioned, here is a lap of the track the F1 cars will be racing on this weekend, which is now there only North American stop for the season. Have a great weekend everyone! Don’t forget to enter the contest to win The Richest Man in Babylon AND The Intelligent Investor!

Preet Banerjee
Preet Banerjee
...is an independent consultant to the financial services industry and a personal finance commentator. You can learn more about Preet at his personal website and you can click here to follow him on Twitter.
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  • Nicolas

    As time goes on, it’s nice to see the quantity and quality of blogs showing up. Keep it all up.

    Montreal GP: And don’t you just love the Quebec wall in the final turn before the finish line where a few cars crash every year… Great publicity!!!

  • thickenmywallet

    Thanks for the link. Love the new look!

    I’ve been to the race in Montreal. What a great time. Enjoy.

  • MillionDollarJourney

    Thanks for the link and for giving me the idea for the post.

    The new look is great btw!

  • Canadian Capitalist

    Thanks for the link. Have a great weekend.

  • Michael James

    Thanks for the link. I’ve been accessing your blog through iGoogle and it lost you in your switch over, but I seem to have it working again.

  • CanadianInvestor

    Thanks for the compliments on the CPPIB post. always a pleasure from a topnotch blogger like you! Am happily going through your Jeremy Siegel posts – just got his book Stocks for the Long Run.