Massive Giveaway Contest: This Blog Turns Two Years Old!

On July 23rd, 2009 will be turning two years old. In order to celebrate, I thought it would be nice to have a big giveaway since the reason I keep blogging and the reason this blog keeps growing is because of YOU the reader! Prizes and details are down below, but first a bit of retrospection:

Readership Statistics

In the first year this blog received 62,731 visitors and this almost tripled to 176,898 in year two. Similarly, “pageviews” increased from 128,144 to 305,626. Cumulatively this means the blog has had 239,629 visitors and 433,770 pages read in total. It’s kind of neat to think that people have read almost half a million pages of my stuff in two years. Regular readership is always increasing too – currently there are 1,341 daily subscribers, 744 of which choose to receive the email updates (sign up here) and 597 of which choose to subscribe using an RSS reader (click to sign up here).

The Prizes!

I kind of like the idea of rewarding as many people as possible, so there will be a few prizes up for grabs:

Win One of Two Real Silver Canadian Dollars

The Royal Canadian Mint produces some spectacular commemorative coins, and this first one commemorates the 2010 Vancouver Olympic Games (retail value $54.95).

The second coin commemorates 100 Years of Flight in Canada (retail value $39.95).

I should point out that the face value of each coin is only $1 and I trust the winner will NOT try to spend the coins! :)

Win One of 10 Movies About Money (On DVD):

  1. Wall Street
  2. Boiler Room
  3. Brewster’s Millions
  4. Casino
  5. Ocean’s Eleven (The Original)
  6. Rogue Trader
  7. Trading Places
  8. Glengarry Glen Ross
  9. Other People’s Money
  10. Barbarians At The Gate

Win One of 5 Books About Money:

  1. Findependence Day by Jonathan Chevreau
  2. The Snowball: Warren Buffett and the Business of Life by Alice Schroeder
  3. The Rookie’s Guide to Options by Mark Wolfinger
  4. Stocks for the Long Run by Jeremy Siegel
  5. Four Pillars of Investing by William Bernstein

How To Enter

You may earn multiple entries, each method is as follows:

  1. You can earn one entry by submitting a comment on this post (maximum of 1 comment), you must include a valid email address in the form, but your email is never shared with anyone.
  2. You can earn another entry by promoting this contest on your own blog (pingback required).
  3. You can earn another entry by tweeting the URL of this contest post (Must include @PreetBanerjee in your tweet so I know you tweeted it). Not following me? Click here to follow me on Twitter.

So you can earn up to three entries in this contest, and there are 17 prizes (you can only win once). All winners will have exactly 1 week to claim their prize (I will notify you via email or twitter), or they will forfeit their winnings. The contest runs until midnight (EST) on July 31st, 2009. Prizes will be shipped to addresses in Canada and the USA only. Winners will be drawn at random, and will be first come, first served in terms of prize selection.

GOOD LUCK and thanks for joining me on this blogging journey so far! :)


Preet Banerjee
Preet Banerjee an independent consultant to the financial services industry and a personal finance commentator. You can learn more about Preet at his personal website and you can click here to follow him on Twitter.
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    I’m in for the non-Olympics silver dollar, even though it’s worth more and I live in Vancouver I’d never support the event in any way. Fingers crossed

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    Happy Anniversary! Thanks for all the insights.

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    Congrats on the growth, now of only my retirement funds were so lucky.

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    Happy Birthday!

    Oh, the terrible twos (and the potty training)…

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    Please include me into your contest. Nice idea to have so many smaller prizes that gives a lot of people the opportunity to win.

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    Love the blog – My favorite read of the day !

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    Congrats on 2 years! Here’s hoping for many more.

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    Congratulations on your two years! Many thanks for your insights, thoughts, and encouragement!

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    Congrats. That is a lot of readers.

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    Those are great prizes on offer. I’ve been wanting to watch Boiler Room.

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    What I appreciate most are the links and referrals you share with your loyal readership. Keep up the good work.

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    and count me in :)

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    You are so right the Canadian Mint makes some beautiful commerative coins..and I would really love to win one.

    Thanks for this giveaway!!

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    i like the simplicity and informative way of presenting financial information.i am reading this blog for 1+ year and like it very much. Congratulation to preet for this wonderful work…..


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    Congratulations on your 2nd anniversary. Love your blog and hope that you are writing another book soon.

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