My New Personal Finance Book – 47% off for pre-orders (This week only)

I don’t know if I’ve specifically mentioned on the blog that I wrote a new book, so: I’m pleased to announce that I’ve written a new book called Stop Over-Thinking Your Money: The Five Simple Rules for Financial Success! (For those who visit the blog directly, you’ll have noticed a new banner image at the top with a cover shot and link to Indigo’s website.)

Who Is The Book For?

Stop Over-Thinking Your Money! is written for the majority of people who haven’t started down the path of managing their personal finances. I’ve positioned the book as a primer to achieve an “Easy A” with all aspects of one’s money, but not an “A+”. There are thousands of books and blogs for people to learn specialized knowledge on the various topics pertaining to money. But because it would take hundreds (and more realistically thousands) of hours to digest those materials for individual topics at a time, the vast majority of people will never do that. They get overwhelmed with what they think they need to know and never get started at all. Given that the average person is operating at a C- (and I think I’m being generous), I thought one book to bring them up to an “Easy A” would be worthwhile.

Specifically, the book covers what people need to know about working with financial advisors and insurance agents, what and how to set up a basic estate plan (wills, powers of attorney), the various types of insurance policies and their expected costs, emergency funds, budgeting, the basics of investing (diversification, Investment Policy Statements, DIY or not, advisor compensation options, and more), debt management, a bit of psychology, and essentially everything that pertains to the understanding and prudent management of the basics of money one deals with. It’s the 20% of knowledge that drives 80% of the results. The book then offers suggestions on where to go next for more detailed advice for individual topics so they can get their “A+” (other books and blogs, for example).

For readers of this blog, and other bloggers, this is the book for your friends and family who don’t share your interest in learning more about personal finance in general, or who have limited their enthusiasm to one sub-topic of personal finance (generally either investing or debt-management).

On Sale For $10 This Week Only

My friends at Penguin Random House sent me a note on the weekend that Indigo is going to offer a big discount for pre-orders of my new book, Stop Over-Thinking Your Money! for this week only. The book officially hits bookstores on January 7th in the New Year with a list price of $18.00 but you can order it online this week for only $10.00 ($9.50 for Indigo’s Plum members). That’s 44% off the regular price (47% for Plum members).

This sale is only scheduled to last until the end of the week so it behooves me to urge you to place an order today :)


Preet Banerjee
Preet Banerjee an independent consultant to the financial services industry and a personal finance commentator. You can learn more about Preet at his personal website and you can click here to follow him on Twitter.
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  • Brian

    Hi Preet,

    Can you post the table of contents of your new book?

    • Preet

      Part I: The Five Rules
      1 – Disaster-Proof Your Life
      2 – Spend Less Than You Earn
      3 – Aggressively Pay Down High-Interest Debt
      4 – Read the Fine Print
      5 – Delay Consumption

      Part II: Beyond The Five Rules
      6 – Investing Basics
      7 – Financial Advisors
      8 – Insurance 101