(New Podcast) Why is employee financial education so important and so overlooked?

Microphone200pxWideWhat’s this? A few blog posts, and now a new episode on the podcast? Now, let’s just see how long it lasts :)

Yes, I’m planning on bringing the podcast back to life after about eight months of dormancy. As it stands, I’m working on finalizing a publishing partner and once that is sorted, I hope to regularly post two new episodes per month.

Thank you to all the loyal listeners who encouraged me to dust off the microphone. Because of you, the podcast has 170 ratings on iTunes, mostly 5-star, and has been played over a quarter of a million times. (Ratings on iTunes help to attract high quality guests – so if you haven’t rated the podcast before, it’s always much appreciated!)

Episode 41: Employee Financial Education

My guest this week is Frank Wiginton. Frank specializes in improving the financial literacy of employees in companies of all sizes. Surveys have suggested that employees receiving financial wellness programs work more efficiently, don’t call in sick as much, cost less to health benefit programs, and contribute to higher company morale.

There is a difference between offering an update on how the pension fund is doing and true financial wellness. Similarly, financial wellness does not simply mean a “lunch ‘n learn” seminar where employees are shown how to pick their mix of fund options in the company group RRSP.

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