One Contest: Two Books To Be Won!

To launch the new site design I have decided to run a little contest! The winner will receive not one, but TWO books: The Richest Man in Babylon and The Intelligent Investor.

Both books I consider to be amongst the best books ever written for investors. The Richest Man in Babylon will appeal to those who are just getting into managing their personal finances, while The Intelligent Investor will challenge seasoned investors. Since readers of this blog vary from one extreme to the other, I figure if you win at least one of these books will be appealing (if not both!). Keep one, and give the other away if you like. :)

Here’s the twist: Instead of just leaving a comment to enter, you MUST have a valid Gravatar. In other words, if you leave a comment to enter this contest it will only count if your customized photo appears beside it. You can manage this by signing up for a Gravatar by clicking here. A Gravatar allows you upload a photo (it can be a mug shot or a non-specific picture if you wish to remain anonymous) that then follows you around the internet in case you make posts on other blogs that support Gravatars. It’s quite a simple procedure to set up, so go ahead and click here to get started, then come back and leave a comment for your chance to win TWO of the greatest finance books ever written!

NOTE: Once you have registered with Gravatar, it may take 30 minutes to see your picture show up.

One winner will be selected by random draw. Contest will run until midnight on Sunday, June 8th, 2008. Good luck everyone!

Preet Banerjee
Preet Banerjee an independent consultant to the financial services industry and a personal finance commentator. You can learn more about Preet at his personal website and you can click here to follow him on Twitter.
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  • cashinstinct

    I did fill my Gravatar profile, but I am not sure how the «link» is made between your blog and

    Hopefull it will work!

  • Preet

    Hi cashinstinct – it’s working now, I can see the stack of hundred dollar bills – nice!

  • luc

    Can I get the books now, please?

  • Sean

    Count me in! Apparently I already had a Gravatar and had forgotten about it!

  • Quick Lunar Cop

    Two minutes of work for the chance to win two great books? I’ll take that. ;-)

  • Caitlin @ C³

    @ cashinstinct – Gravatar knows it’s “you” on website by your email. If you use the same email for Gravatar as you use on a blog/website with Gravatar support, it will automatically display your avatar!

    I like Gravatar because it lets you see a little bit of the personality of the commenter along with their comment!

    Also please count me in for the contest. ;)

  • AaronW

    Thanks for the contest! Sign me up please.

  • talcumboy

    Thanks for all the interesting, informative and though provoking posts! I always enjoy reading them.

    Also, thanks for the contests!

  • Traciatim

    Ok, let’s try this thing out and see if it works. I’m in on the contest too, I’ve listened to some of the Richest Man in Babylon on audio book, it’s very interesting.

  • Darren

    Great! Another contest!

  • aaronw1234

    Hey, where’s my (gr)avatar? I see the picture on and I’m using the same email address. Is there something else I need to do?

  • Preet

    @aaronw1234 – You should be set based on what I know, maybe give it some time? (Although mine worked in about 2 minutes, I noticed some new commenters showed the default pic, which then later changed to their custom pic maybe 20 minutes later).

  • Xenko

    *crosses his fingers*

  • TKO from Ontario

    I want free book,
    I want them now.

    Since I’ve already got B. Graham’s The Intelligent Investor, I’d like to donate it towards next contest @


  • Gean Oliveira

    Ok, let’s see if it works :)

  • Marc

    Gravatar, sounds like a transformer.

    I am Gravatar!

    Anyways, would love to win a couple of books.

  • Preet

    After using a random number generator, the winner is comment #3 which belongs to Sean! Congratulations Sean – I will be contacting you to co-ordinate sending over the books.

    Thanks to everyone who entered and signed up for a Gravatar account. All future contests will award extra entries to those with Gravatar accounts as well, so anyone who wants a better chance of winning may want to consider signing up.

  • Preet

    p.s. TKO: your gesture is noted – thank you for your offer!

  • Patrick

    What’s with the Gravatar obsession? Do you get a commission?

  • Preet

    Ha ha! No. :)

    This wordpress theme came with built in gravatar support so I thought it would make the comment threads more engaging if people could put a face (or picture) to a commenter.

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