Preet’s Tweets 2011-10-15

  • Seriously? -> NBA cancels first two weeks of regular season | Reuters #
  • I'm in NYC, going to check out the protests this week -> Banks should pay heed to Occupy Wall Street protests #
  • What took so long? -> Facebook iPad App Finally Arrives [PICS] #
  • Watching a great presentation by @cmullbrandon of – great charts #
  • Next up is QBAMCO hedge fund manager Paul Brodsky: Apropos of Everything #
  • I'm planning on going Wednesday night -> #OccupyWallStreet Protests Grow #
  • Themis Trading: there is an HFT firm building a straight line cable tunnel from Chicago to NY to save 2 ms on trades. #
  • …at a cost of about $1 billion #
  • Themis Trading: 90% of NYSE revenues not from trade execution. From selling data and server location rentals beside trade matching centre. #
  • Themis Trading: 80% of exchange volume done by 2% of exchange clients. Not 20%, 2%. wow #
  • Listening to @howardlindzon swearing like a sailor at The Big Picture conference. #
  • Two taxes good, four taxes better! -> The Orwellian Efficiency of a “Being Fat” Tax #
  • Analysis not complete – need to account for state and provincial rates. Different story -> A 'Buffett Tax' for Canada? #
  • Done and Done! -> Want To Be Ready for iOS 5 Tomorrow? Get iTunes 10.5 Now | TechCrunch #
  • New Globe Article: You bought and you held, is it now time to bail?: Every time the market drops, investors star… #
  • Air Canada flight attendants blocked from striking – Canada – CBC News #
  • Not good -> Retirement-bound Canadians piling on debt – The Globe and Mail #
  • Renters seem to move opposite to owners -> Freakonomics » Do Home Prices Affect the Birds and the Bees? #
  • My personal G+ drop is about 95% -> Google+ Traffic Falls 60% After Spike at Public Launch #
  • RT @RamCNN: RT @CNNJustin: Warren Buffett just released his 2010 income. Buffett made $62,855,038 in 2010. #taxes #Buffett #
  • The #iOS5 update = 775MB & very slow. Half the planet is downloading it right now, not 2 mention the last 65 #BBM users #
  • Investor Education: Financial Advice vs. Doing It Yourself #
  • Broken link in prior tweet, here's the right one: Investor Education: Financial Advice vs. Doing It Yourself #
  • Do as I say, not as I do? -> Wells Fargo Cuts Stocks, Then Tells Investors to Buy – CNBC #
  • Bloody amygdalas -> Risk Is In The Brain of The Beholder – CNBC #
  • Just arrived at #OccupyWallStreet #
  • V is at #OccupyWallStreet #
  • New Globe Article: An American asks: Is Canada’s real estate market in a bubble?: At a conference in New York, a… #
  • #FF Thanks for the mentions & RTs this week! @commoncentsmom @AlwaysSaveMoney @worldofdesi @LaurenLaCapra @andyburns via @Crowdbooster #
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