Preet’s Tweets 2011-10-22

  • Don't know price per person but WOW -> Exactly How Much Do People Spend at New York’s Top Restaurants? #
  • Video: iPhone 4S has a Canada-sized hole in Siri voice assistant – The Globe and Mail via @addthis #
  • Uncle offers ride 2 train station. Fell asleep in car. Takes me 2 Bollywood convention instead. Cant make this stuff up… #
  • Terrible news from the Indy Car race. RIP Dan Wheldon. #
  • Long but very interesting read -> The Billion-Dollar Aphorisms of Hedge Fund Cult Leader Ray Dalio #
  • Watch An iPhone 4S and Samsung Galaxy S II Take Three Nasty Drops Onto Concrete | TechCrunch #
  • Why do so many active investors use baseball analogies? -> A .300 avg over 20 years gets you into the Hall of Fame. #jokes #
  • Okay, back from vacation. Itching to kick it into overdrive. Watch this space. #
  • Investor Education: Active and Passive Investing Strategies #
  • Tonight on CBC -> RT @petermansbridge: The Bottom Line panel is back tonight – their advice on how YOU can prepare for a possible recession #
  • And the Google juggernaut keeps rolling -> Google to launch music store this quarter #
  • BlackBerry outage in Abu Dhabi coincides with 40% decrease in traffic accidents -> #
  • I'll B on The National w/ Peter Mansbridge 2nite 9:25p (ish) EST on CBC NN, & 10:25p EST on CBC main: wht 2 do 2 prepare 4 a recession #
  • New Globe Article: Some of the best travel sites live off the beaten path: Newer travel booking websites offer f… #
  • Last night's Bottom Line Panel on The National with Peter Mansbridge on CBC: #
  • I'm chatting about ways to save money. If you want to join the tweet chat: right NOW #cdnmoney #
  • RT @commoncentsmom: Important to remember the big flashy gifts make a temporary splash, the well thought out a lasting memory. #cdnmoney #
  • New Globe Article: Herd analysts are putting ‘lipstick’ on every pig: The instinct to follow the pack doesn’t se… #
  • Venezuelan stock market up 53%+ -> 2011 Year to Date Country Performance #
  • Dear Greeks, there is life after default – just ask Argentina -> #
  • Headline 3.2%, Core 2.2% -> Food, gas costs push inflation higher – The Globe and Mail #
  • I <3 @gailvazoxlade -> Consolidate to save? « MoneySense #
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