Preet’s Tweets 2011-10-29

  • infographic -> A Historical Look at CEO Pay | The Big Picture #
  • Another horrible day in motorsports. RIP Marco Simoncelli – an incredible motorcycle racer. Some career highlights: #
  • Not making headway -> US Rating Likely to be Downgraded Again: Merrill – CNBC #
  • Slideshow -> 15 Athletes Gone Bankrupt – CNBC #
  • New Globe Article: Sock it away for when you really need to spend: The balance between what we spend and what we… #
  • 15 Euros cash and 35 Euros worth of 30 year bonds -> Banks inch toward 50 pct Greek debt haircut deal | Reuters #
  • When Funds Lend Stock, Who Gains? via @WSJ #
  • Fight nerds with nerds -> National Security Agency helps banks battle hackers | Reuters #
  • Good morning Regina! Great chatting with @DawsonCJMENews on @CJMENews radio this morning about how Canadians can get started saving. #
  • Check is in the mail :) -> RT @DawsonCJMENews: One of the best intvu's on Personal Finance ever. Thanks @preetbanerjee. Dude was "money"! #
  • A twitter sacrifice – yes, normally it urks me to use "check" lol RT @stewssr: @preetbanerjee Cheque, you mean :P #
  • I'll take Psychology and A High Pressure Environment for $200 Alex -> What makes a bank trader go rogue? #
  • RT @RamCNN: Arguably biggest takeaway from U.S. GDP numbers: We're not sinking back into recession #
  • Sitar hero. How am I only discovering this now? lol #
  • Investor Education: Bundling Financial Advice #
  • The euro zone deal diagram -> #
  • Great fun to watch! -> Peter Schiff speaks for 1 Percent at Occupy Wall Street #
  • New Globe Article: A Nobel solution to U.S. economic woes: A balanced budget multiplier policy could help kickst… #
  • Also a cod piece and self tanner RT @Huntz75: This Halloween I'm dressing as @preetbanerjee does anyone have a calculator I can borrow? #
  • Brilliant! -> RT @CdnCouchPotato: Decades Old Calvin and Hobbes Strip Succinctly Explains Occupy Wall Street Movement #
  • S&P500 up 13.5% MTD -> Stocks on Track for Best Month in 37 Years #
  • Come to the Nerd side. We have Pi. #
Preet Banerjee
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