Reader Appreciation: iPod Touch Giveaway!

As 2009 draws to a close, I thought it would be nice to have a year-end giveaway for the readers of This blog is nothing without you, and I wanted to show my gratitude. Thank you for all your support. As a token of my appreciation…

I’ve decided to give away an Apple iPod Touch.

This will be the 8GB version, and for more information you can click here to learn all about the iPod Touch. My brother and (new) sister-in-law got me an iPod for my birthday recently and I have to admit, it is amazing. Truly amazing.

Contest Rules:

  1. You earn an entry by commenting on this post. I reserve the right to delete any comments that are inappropriate.
  2. Comments must be submitted by 11:59pm Monday, December 7th.
  3. Winner will be determined by random draw.
  4. You can earn a bonus entry by tweeting (or re-tweeting) this post’s URL.
  5. Winner will be notified promptly, and will have exactly 7 days to respond.
  6. I will ship the iPod anywhere in Canada or the USA.

Good luck everyone!

Preet Banerjee
Preet Banerjee an independent consultant to the financial services industry and a personal finance commentator. You can learn more about Preet at his personal website and you can click here to follow him on Twitter.
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  • Nicolas

    Another great year. Keep’em coming!

  • Toby

    Great stuff. Keep it coming.

  • Andre

    Value Added Blog

  • Jim

    Cool site.. looking forward to more in the new year…

  • Jason

    I love your blog, and I love free give-aways. Woot!

  • StevieG

    Great site Preet! Happy Holidays and good luck in the new year!

  • ShaunK

    Hey thanks for the great blog and keep up the good work!

  • as

    Great, it’s Potential Holidays already, eh!…

  • Aaron

    Wow! Very nice giveaway. All my nieces and nephews have an iPod Touch; I’d like one too. :-)

  • Zyzzyx

    One of the few PF blogs on my RSS feed, and you’ve got me always looking forward to Fridays and the video choice for A Lap of the Blogs. The latest Group B rally vid was wonderful.

  • gene

    I would be pleased to own this. :-)

  • Dan B

    Keep up the great work, and looking forward to another year of your blog.

  • Brandon

    Love the blog, and I would love an iPod Touch. Keep up the great work. Cheers.

  • Connnie

    Hey Preet, Great blog, I can’t wait to see you on the telly


  • Mike

    Wow dude,

    Now this is a contest! I’d love an ipod!

  • Ryan

    Great year of posting!

  • luc

    Very generous of you. I enjoy reading your blog iPod or iPodless.

  • Chris

    That’s a great gift indeed. I’m sure I would use it well ;)

    Keep up the great work on this blog.

  • Blizzard093

    Keep up the great work. Thanks for all your insights!

  • Patricia

    Love your blog and book, thanks for another great year of information.

  • Alaa

    Thank you!

  • Lori

    Thanks for putting your time and energy into such an informative blog! It’s good to have Canadian content. :)

  • Fred

    My wife has a touch and it rocks…fingers crossed for an early x-mas gift from Preet!!!

  • GNT

    How about a post on your favourite iPhone apps?

  • Patrick

    Thanks, Preet! Both for the great blog and the giveaway!

  • Lyne

    Wow! Great blog Preet, thanks for all the info, and the chance to win :-)

  • Traciatim

    Count me in on this one.

  • Luc Richard

    Great site. Thanks for the contest

  • Big Cajun Man

    Please May I have an iPod?

    And be sure to watch Preet on the W Channel as well!

  • Beth

    Great idea for a giveaway! :)

  • Rich

    Yes please!

  • Carl

    Thanks for the good information, Preet.

  • Paul

    Great blog Preet, thanks for all the info over the years … no more RRSP book promotion though? That was how I first heard about your blog.

  • James M

    Thanks for your hard work through the years.

  • Raymond

    Love your morning tidbit of subscribed mails. Definitely provided me with more knowledge than before.

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    Good stuff Preet.

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    Keep up the great work!

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    Great site! Thanks!

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    Please! And thank you.

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    Enjoy your many fine articles and keep up the good work

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    Amazing! Please count me in!

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    Great blog – I read it almost every day.

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    I like your perspective

  • Haroon Rafique

    That’s very generous of you. I usually read you blog through Google Reader.

  • Jennifer B.

    Awesome site! I can’t believe another year is almost over, seems we just did this.

  • Jennifer B.
  • Blair Conrad

    Thanks for the years of informative posts. And chance to win a toy…

  • kuntal

    Good content preet! Keep up the good work

  • Returns Reaper

    Thanks for the good content Preet. Count me in on the draw!

  • Vlad Y.

    Thanks for the very informative blog!

  • David D

    An ipod touch would make an excellent Christmas present.

    I have been good this year I promise!

  • Jeremy Megraw

    I’m on board!

  • Kim

    Excellent blog, excellent giveaway!

  • sophie

    Karma, come to me….

  • Jon

    I’m in!

  • JP

    Keep up the good work.
    This is an excellent blog

  • Susan

    Great info at your site; I’ve learned a lot, thanks.

  • Aolis

    Happy Holidays!

  • Cam Birch

    Awesome prize. Would be totally cool to win that, keep up the great posts.

  • Andrew

    Great blog, very informative.

  • M D

    Sweet Giveaway — great blogs!!

  • Thicken My Wallet

    Count me in. Thanks.

  • Amy

    Great Job! I enjoy reading your post every morning!

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    Congratulations. Keep the good work

  • Kevin

    Read it daily!

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    Keep up the great work!

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  • Spiro

    Great information on this site, thanks and keep it up.

  • Susanne

    Thanks for taking the time to share great information with all of us.

  • Brad

    Hey Preet, thanks for the blog and the iPod giveaway. When are you coming to talk to us in Kelowna next?

  • Trevor Schofield

    Great posts – keep it up!

  • Canadian Capitalist

    Count me in for the draw Preet. I’m feeling lucky!

  • Millionaireby45

    Great site. Keep up the great work.

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    Great job. Many good topics.

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    Great work, count me in!

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    Count me in! Great offer!

  • Tony

    Maybe I’ll get lucky this time :D

  • Lucie

    Hello Preet,

    Happy Belated Birthday! Merry Christmas and all the very best in the New Year! Thank you for the wealth of information you’ve been providing. P.S. I am still waiting for you to send me the book I won. Count me in on this draw! Cheers!

  • Rob

    Great job -thanks for a fantastic blog.

  • Jordan

    Oddly a lot of comments seem to have a very generic “keep up the great work” type message. I hope you record IP addresses to see if comments are actually coming from unique people.

    If you have another contest like this in the future I think you should add the rule that only people who have commented at least once in the past year prior to the contest announcement could enter… keeps you blog from getting picked up on a contest/giveaway/freebie blogroll.

    Looking forward to the ING interview, TV show and interesting posts for the future.

  • Scott

  • The Financial Blogger

    hey, want to tag team? I am giving a Ipod Touch as well on The Financial Blogger for my 3rd anniversary ;-)

    here’s the link so your reader can have 2 chances of wining if they comment on my post too ;-)

  • Acorn

    Short Apple, buy RIM…
    Good luck in 2010!

  • CJ

    I’d like to win!

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    Best of everything for next year. Thanks for the great information this year.

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    Another great year! Thanks Preet!

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    Preet, as always, good insights on varied topics. It’s the 1st email that I read every morning and usually gives me fresh ideas for clients. Keep it up!

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    Great Blog and I’d love to win an ipod!

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    Count me in! I might be traveling for business in the new year so this would come in handy.

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  • Dianne

    Enjoy your blog each day. I have learned a lot and can understand what my mutual fund broker is taking about now. (It’s not a foreign language after all) Would appreciate an IPod as I am travelling to Europe and could take advantage of free downloadable
    audio tours of historic sites in Rome, Florence and Venice.

  • Russ Giles

    Once again, Preet, you have made reading reams of financial information just a little more exciting! Thanks for the occasional chance to win something cool, and keep up the excellent blogging!

  • Scott

    Always a great read!

  • Marc

    awesome blog!

  • Bob Sanders

    Always checking in for some great advice. Keep up the good work Preet! Definitely looking forward to your interview with Peter Aceto from ING to go live too. Cheers.

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    Informative Read!

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    Thanks for contributing to the better financial welfare of Canadians!

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    Pick me!

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    Great idea for a giveaway!

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    Only one in a million comments but who wouldn’t like an iPod? :-)

    Besides, your blog is useful, so even without a giveaway, it’s worth saying thanks for the time spent in sharing valuable knowledge with us.

  • Pradeep Kanchan

    Great blog/resourceful site. Thanks for all your help and insight.

  • Tom @ Canadian Finance Blog

    Great prize, and another great year of reading your posts!

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    Thanks for the effort for putting out such good content Preet – all the best!

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    Keep up the great work a really great and informative website.

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    Hey Preet, I like free stuff too!

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    Just found your blog via Twitter.
    Giveaways can draw a lot of traffic, add the iPod and you’ve got a winner!

    Love your site so far. Congrats! Will have to add you to my RSS :)
    Please enter me in the giveaway!

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    I’ve been drooling over one of these for a while. I’m just too cheap to buy one just yet. Free is the best!

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    Thanks for writing insightful posts and giving away an iPod Touch.

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    Thanks for showing some love to us readers. Can’t wait to see the TV show.

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    enjoy this website, thanx

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    Great idea for a giveaway. Came here from Canadian Capitalist, though I have been enjoying various posts and articles on here for quite some time. Keep up the great, and informative, work.

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    Great stuff. I read your posts on a regular basis.
    Especially appreciated the “How To Check If Your Advisor Is Registered” Links

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    Thanks for keeping us informed. Happy holidays!

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    I really appreciate the thought and effort that goes into this blog.

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    Thank you. Lots of great info.

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    i want to win this for my son. His was stolen out of his school locker!


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    that’s a lot of comments!

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    Happy Holidays

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    Another great year of fantastic posts…thanks for helping make us all better informed consumers in all aspects relating to personal finance!

    Response #172…

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    Happy holidays from the nations capital!

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