Recommended Articles from August

I’ve noticed that most blogs will periodically list the top posts at the end of a month for anyone who missed out on catching them the first time by.  This is a little late in coming but the following are some articles for August that I think are worth looking at:

Closed-End Mutual Funds versus Open-End Mutual Funds discusses the differences between the two major types of mutual funds out there.  Seeing as how most people use mutual funds I think it’s important to look at this article – there are many advantages of Closed-End funds over Open-End funds, yet most people invest in Open-End funds.

Limited Partnerships with a Flow Through Share Structure for Investment Tax Credits is an introduction to higher risk investments in the natural resources industry which offer tax credits for every dollar you invest.  The tax credits are offered by the federal government to exploration and development companies and the partnership flows them through to the investor since the companies have no revenues at this point to offset against.

A Canada Savings Bond is not actually a Bond is a short post that explains how the nomenclature of this ubiquitous investment is technically incorrect! :)

What is a Debenture? was actually written just prior to the post on the Canada Savings Bond – to cut to the chase, a Canada Savings Bond is really a debenture – and you can find out what a debenture is in this article.

And finally What is a Bond Part 1 (which I really should get around to following up with Part 2 soon!) is an introduction to one of the most basic types of investments out there – but I can assure you that for as poorly as the average investor understands stocks, they understand bonds even less!

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