Roasting your own coffee beans at home could save you $1,000 per year

In extreme cases, if you consume a lot of coffee and you use a capsule or pod coffee system (like Nespresso or Keurig K-Cup machines), you could be paying more than $50 per pound of coffee. Not only that, there is a high environmental impact due to all the packaging. Roasting your own coffee beans can bring your cost per pound down to $5 or $6 on the low end.

But in my experience, the possible cost savings is not the primary driver for home roasting. People who end up roasting their own beans at home do it because their passion for coffee turned into a small hobby.

I put together a video that walks through the basics of roasting coffee at home, from what you’ll need, to how much you can save. I even put together a spreadsheet to help you calculate what your savings might be after factoring in the cost of any new equipment you’ll need to acquire. (Spreadsheet links will be below the video.)

Google Drive Spreadsheet

Backup Spreadsheet (Direct Excel Download Link)


A third-party guide to learning more about home roasting


Preet Banerjee
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