Rogers Video Pay Per Day – Not working for me…

I’m a serious movie buff. I mean, I really like movies – going to the movies AND renting movies. I saw I AM LEGEND twice – and it spooked me pretty good both times. The second time there was a girl rocking back and forth in her chair with her head buried in her dates’ shoulder whispering, "This is wrong…" over and over again. If you were thinking of seing this movie – do try to see it in the theatres if you can… It’s… an experience. :)

Bowl_Of_Popcorn.jpgBut back to my topic! Rogers Video is the local movie store we frequent and a few months ago they introduced a new Pay Per Day system where you pay $1 less for a movie rental for top new releases – but the catch is that if you don’t return it the VERY NEXT DAY you get charged an extra $1 every day for a maximum of 4 days. After that time, they revert to their "No Late Fees" structure.

So if you can return it the next day – you save $1. If you return it within 2 days, you basically erase the upfront savings and end up paying the same as with a regular release. If you return it more than 2 days after you rent it, you will have lost out.

So far we are losing out. :(

Since we cannot get the movies back on time, we have decided to omit looking through the Pay Per Day selection and stick to the "less new" releases and classics. Which is actually fine by me – I have that list of AFI’s Top 100 movies that I’m slowly working my way through (not that I fully agree with the list!).

Pay Per Day was introduced to keep the top new releases more widely available for customers because the whole "No Late Fees" promotions created a lot of empty shelves – and it seems to be working! Although in our case, in a slightly different way than intended…

In the spirit of movies – here is the trailer for "The Dark Knight" – sequel to Batman Begins.

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  • laketrout

    You might want to look into renting movies online. This article has links to the popular Canadian sites:

  • Preet

    Thanks Laketrout! I’ll check it out…


  • SavingDiva

    I’m a big fan of RedBox. It’s $1 per day…luckily, I’m cheap, so I return the movies the next day (or sometimes on the same day) to avoid paying more than $1!