Special Cell Phone Deal for Readers: $60/month, 350 min, 6GB data, lots of extras

I recently picked up an iPhone 4. My contract with Rogers had lapsed and I’ve been “off-contract” for over a year. A good friend of mine, Phil, sent a message to friends about a special offer he could provide (he works for a corporate Telus dealer). One of the reasons I had been putting off getting a new smartphone was the prohibitive cost of a data plan, and all those pesky extra fees. Phil’s deal changed my mind pretty quickly. He’s graciously offered to extend a similar deal to readers of WhereDoesAllMyMoneyGo.com.

I visited their Business Centre in Oakville and they also provide free consultations and have some fantastic productivity solutions for business with outbound sales, company vehicles, service/installation/delivery crews, problems collecting payment for completed jobs, a need for Internet for mobile booths/offices, etc.

NOTE: I receive no compensation for posting this, nor do I receive any compensation for anyone who takes advantage of the offer. Phil is a buddy from when I was back in university.

The Only “Catch”

The only “catch” is that you need two people or more for this plan. It is normally geared towards businesses, but Phil is extending it to couples and families as well. It is not suitable for friends as one person will ultimately be responsible for the bill – you just don’t want to go there… :)

$60/month + HST, 350 min + 6GB Data, and more

Groups of 2+
Shareable Minutes 250
Anytime Minutes 100
Data 6GB/month per person if you sign up by August 31st
Text Messages Unlimited
Local Telus to Telus Unlimited
Unlimited Weekends and Evenings at 6pm Included
Voicemail 10 Included
Call Waiting Included
Call Display Included
Conference Calling Included
911/SAF System Access Fee Waived
TOTAL COST $60/month + HST per person
Airtime Credit for 2+ Activations Up to $700 (only for customers new to Telus)
Unlimited Canadian Long Distance $15/month

Additional Notes

This wouldn’t be WDAMMG if I didn’t put my own extra spin on things. Forget the unlimited Canadian long distance option at $15/month. Just download the Skype app and you can get unlimited long distance to North America for $2.95/month. That’s what I’m doing. Plus, when you are in a WiFi zone, you won’t use up any minutes doing it. (Assuming you get an iPhone. There are many other phones available – basically anything you see on the Telus website.)

“Shareable” minutes means that for two people, each subscriber gets 250 shareable minutes and 100 anytime minutes on “their” phone number only. So, 2 people would have 500 shared minutes and 100 minutes each. If one of those two people used 600 minutes then he/she would have to pay $0.10/min for each additional minute after that. The other person would pay $0.10/min for each minute past 100 since the other person used all the shareable minutes.

Available to anyone in Canada.

If you are interested…

Just send an email to pkundu@primeline.ca, make sure to tell him Preet sent you and leave him your name and phone number to reach you at during business hours. He’ll take care of everything from there.

Preet Banerjee
Preet Banerjee
...is an independent consultant to the financial services industry and a personal finance commentator. You can learn more about Preet at his personal website and you can click here to follow him on Twitter.
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  • Alana

    The deal on the data is good only till the end of the month. What is the cost of the data after end of August? Shared 1GB of data, which this plan includes ,is not going to cut it.

    • mcmatterson

      I’m not sure if the “until August 31st” restriction means that the bonus 5 GB only applies until the end of this month, as Alana suggests, or that the bonus applies throughout the term of the contract, but the contract must be signed by August 31st. As well, is the data individual or shared?

      I’m also not clear on whether it is $60 per person or $60 total. The deal description makes it sound like $60 total, but that seems far too low for this offer.

      I’ve sent an email to find out.

      • GS

        I’m unclear on that as well. Can anyone confirm whether this is $60 each or $60 for 2 people?

      • mcmatterson


    • Preet

      @Alana – the deal for 6GB of data for the life of the deal is only available if you sign up before August 31st. Data is 6GB per user.

  • Raj

    Hi, is this only for new activations? Or can existing Telus customers also take advantage of this great deal?

    • Phil Kundu

      Existing Telus customers can take advantage of this plan as well. However, I can not offer activation credits for existing Telus clients.

      Best Regards

  • Cam Birch

    Preet, have you received confirmation if this is Ontario only or applies to other provinces?

    • Phil Kundu

      This plan is available to anyone across Canada.

  • Michelle

    How much would the iPhones themselves cost with this deal?

  • Jordan

    Phil, does this require a 2 or 3 year contract? Also I’m unclear what the $700 airtime credit is about, is it per-activation and can this be used to purchase a handset? Can it be used to pay the monthly fee if you already have an unlocked phone?

    Cheers, Jordan

  • Jae Choi

    Is unlimited Canadian long distance at $15 per person?

    By the way, my current Bell 3-year contract expires at mid-September, Can I sign up before August 31th to take the 6GB deal (and I believe WNP takes few weeks) and switch over to Telus in mid-September?


  • Ryan

    Preet/Phil: Is this still available?! I didn’t come across your webpage until today. Please let me know! Thanks you, Ryan.

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