Take My Quiz – Test Your Investor IQ

I put together a simple Investor IQ Quiz that I’d like you to take. The real reason I’m posting this is to see how well I’ve learned some new software I just purchased (which creates quizzes) as I’ll be using it to create the KYA (Know Your Advisor) form – so hopefully people will be able to grade their prospective advisors and get an instant ballpark idea as to whether or not they want to continue talking to them past the initial stages.

Test Your Investor IQ!

Click here to launch the quiz! Feel free to post your results in the comments section so we can see how you did (you can post anonymously if you like), and please do point out any bugs you might find (or if I got any answers wrong, which is pretty much impossible… LOL )

Preet Banerjee
Preet Banerjee
...is an independent consultant to the financial services industry and a personal finance commentator. You can learn more about Preet at his personal website and you can click here to follow him on Twitter.
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  • MarkWolfinger

    I failed. Too much Canadian stuff (that's my excuse and I'm sticking to it)

  • Canadian Couch Potato

    Cool software, Preet. I got 'em all right except for the one about the opposite of a bull market. I put “crappy,” which I think you should have accepted.

  • sleepingbeauty

    So many acronyms so little time…

  • Future Money-Bags

    got couple wrong, the GDR and that medium stock > high stock? (forgot question)

    Cool quiz though.

  • marianneko

    Failed the first time, perfect score the second. So I seem to have learned something. But I'm still not clear on the reason for ranking T-Bills as more conservative than GICs.

  • Bikergofast

    Thanks for the quiz. Most of the questions used alot of lingo and jargon that the average investor (like me) might not know. I failed the quiz but might have scored higher if the questions were worded a bit more 'average joe' friendly. Saw A few minor typos, but otherwise good.

  • Patrick

    Passed, just barely: 83%. At least I got the risk ordering correct. (T-Bills are safer than GICs because the institution offering a GIC can fail, while the institution offering T-Bills can just print more money if they run out.)

  • Preet

    LOL – I would bomb a US focused quiz, so I know how you feel….

  • Preet

    Thanks Dan! Crappy is an acceptable answer, as is “cow”.

  • Preet

    That gives me a good idea – I could create a quiz just on 100 acronyms for Canadian investors! :)

  • Preet

    Thanks FMB! Glad you liked it. The DepositAry versus Depository thing is a pet peeve of mine. EVERYONE gets it wrong – even the pros!

  • Preet

    T-Bills are the proxy for a riskless asset, at least in academic speak. It is base from which all other investments are measured from with respect to the risk and return aspect. If t-bills are offering 1%, is it worth the X amount of risk to get that extra 0.25% from investment Y? (as an example). Patrick has a good response too, down below.

  • Preet

    Hey Biker – can you let me know what and where the typos are?

  • Preet

    Perhaps I should lower the passing score to 75%, but I'm not sure. I've never been a fan of low hurdles for exams and tests.

  • BolerGuy

    Maybe I didn't click at the right time, but one thing about the test I didn't like is I didn't get feedback by giving me the correct answers, just told me I got things wrong. This was on the questions where you were supposed to drag things into the right order … it didn't show me the right order after I submitted by (wrong) answer. Maybe I was clicking wrong or maybe it's a point to refine in your programming.

  • Preet

    Hi BolerGuy – when you get to the scoring page, you can click on “review quiz” to go over the correct answers for all the questions one by one. Hope that helps.

  • Cam Birch

    I managed to just barely fail. I got everything right except for your pet peeve and part of question 6. I find that acronyms and abbreviations are items I don't typically bother learning unless I need to or I don't have a financial advisor (which I'm working on) because I just ask them to un acronym the jargon.

    With only 8 questions though you pretty much get 100% or your going to fail the test. I would suggest that you add a few more questions. Especially some more things about risk and maybe risk/reward like the T-Bill question above. Also I would be interested in you providing better feed back on the correct and incorrect answers. Like the bull/bear provide a short insight into why its called bull/bear.