The Toronto Maple Leafs are Hockey's Most Valuable Team at $413 Million

Ah yes, the business of sports is a whacky one. Athlete salaries are reaching new highs every year as are the brands of the teams themselves. The Toronto Maple Leafs are hockey’s most valuable team according to Forbes magazine. (This clearly has nothing to do with how well the team is performing.)

Here is a list of the the most valuable teams of different sports:

7. US Auto Racing – Roush Fenway NASCAR Team – $316 Million
6. Hockey – Toronto Maple Leafs – $413 Million
5. Basketball – New York Knicks – $608 Million
4. Baseball – New York Yankees – $1.2 Billion
3. World Football – Manchester United – $1.4 Billion
2. American Football – Dallas Cowboys – $1.5 Billion
1. World Auto Racing – Ferrari Formula One Team $3 Billion

I was in the auto racing industry in my prior life, and am still passionate about racing. For anyone who is interested, I’ve included a neat video that tries to determine what is faster: An F1 car, a super-bike or a power boat. If you’ll note the attention to detail and quirks of the F1 car, you may nonetheless still gasp to learn that the budget of some Formula 1 teams is nearing $500 Million per year!

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