Tina Fey = Power and Money

Tina Fey is a comedic genius and many know her from either Saturday Night Live or 30 Rock, not to mention her roles in Mean Girls and Babby Momma. She originally started as a writer but was persuaded to get in front of the camera – a move which proved to be wildly successful. I found a great interactive feature on Portfolio.com which highlights just how monetarily important Ms. Fey has become.

Not only is Tina Fey money in the bank, she is now potentially playing a role in the election thanks to her portrayal of Sarah Palin on a recurring Saturday Night Live bit. The latest sketch was a parody of an actual interview with Katie Couric, in which Palin came off looking a bit unpolished. The sketch is apparently drawing more attention and scrutiny to Palin and people may be anticipating the Vice-Presidential debates this Thursday more than they are anticipating watching the remaining Presidential debates! If you do a youtube search for Tina Fey + Sarah Palin – you should find plenty of material…

Click on the following picture to view an interactive graphic on Tina Fey “By The Numbers”

Preet Banerjee
Preet Banerjee
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    Do you like her money or power more? Haha!