Update on "The RRSP Book"!

BookCoverThumbnail.jpgHi everyone, I’ve been pretty swamped this week with work relating to the book I just finished writing. I received the first physical copy (a proof) – and it is much more nicely produced than I thought it would be. :) I’ve had a number of bloggers take me up on getting a pdf copy ahead of time for a review (for which they will receive copies of the book for themselves and for giveaways on their own blogs.)

Thanks to all the bloggers who have offered to help out! It is much appreciated.

I still have some time to modify the book, as there are some spacing and editing fixes to be made (guess that’s why they send a proof!), so I will gladly accept any comments from those who are providing reviews.

Since it will take a month (or more) to get the book listed online with Amazon.ca and Chapters.Indigo.ca, etc. I have decided to create a special website for Canadians so that they may order it ahead of time. (The publisher is U.S. domiciled, and even has a $US price on the book! You can order it from them, but it will cost $32 to get it across the border.)

Instead, I will be offering it directly to Canadians from a separate site for $25.00 (which INCLUDES all tax and delivery charges). It was pretty easy to set up the e-commerce side of the site as PayPal makes it very easy. Payments can be made through PayPal accounts or all the major credit cards.

I set up the site last night (it will take some more tweaking from here, but is almost done), and you can check it out if you like and give me some feed-back on how I could make it better: www.TheRRSPbook.com.

Don’t be polite: let me know if you have any comments/criticisms about that site at all! I would appreciate it!

If there are any bloggers who would still like to get a copy of the manuscript for a review, the offer is still open. I’ll send it immediately, and provide you with a hard copy when it’s ready. One copy for yourself and extra copies for contests, giveaways, etc. for your site based on your readership.

THANK YOU SO MUCH EVERYONE! Your support and encouragement have been amazing! :)


Preet Banerjee
Preet Banerjee
...is an independent consultant to the financial services industry and a personal finance commentator. You can learn more about Preet at his personal website and you can click here to follow him on Twitter.
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  • The Financial Blogger

    Hey Preet!
    Congrats on this big achievement! This must represent a lot of work. I looking forward to read it :-D

  • Rajiv Verma

    One of the wonderfull financial information for Canadian’s (and that is FREE). The price of the book is nothing as compared to the value of the information for managing our hard earned money.Sometime i wonder how this guy is providing this kind of financial information free. But now i am a regular reader of his blog and appreciate the mission Mr Preet Benerge and other few honest bloggers has initiated to educate the ordinary canadians who are overlooked by the other big financial industry. I am recommending this blog"www.wheredoesallmymoneygo.com" to all the people i know so that they can also become informed cosumers. Congratulations and hope you guys will keep this mission going on and on…

  • Preet

    Thank so much for the kind words Rajiv! They are truly appreciated. I noticed you bought the book already – it has already shipped and you should have it very soon – hopefully by Monday.

    Thanks for your support,