Warren Buffett's First Book Due in 2008

Considered by some to be the world’s greatest investor, Warren Buffett has amassed a $52 billion fortune solely through investing. He is revered and idolized by many investors (both amateur and professional), and is a tremendously popular figure in the financial world. He has many fans, and countless books have been written about him – but he has yet to be actively involved in an authorized biography or investment-how-to book… is this about to change? Are the masses of Buffetteers finally going to get their wish?


BuffettCover.gifIt was announced back in 2005 that Alice Schroeder had signed a deal with a publisher to provide the first AUTHORIZED biography on Mr. Buffett that would be a “biogaphy on Warren’s ideas”. The title of the book is “The Snowball: Warren Buffett and the Business of Life”. Buffett agreed to work with the author and the rights to the book were bought by Bantam Dell Publishing for $7 Million. It is slated for an April 28th, 2008 release.

Schroeder has spent “thousands of hours” working with Buffett in a business capacity over the years – she initially met Buffett when she was an Insurance Analyst for Morgan Stanley. Buffett has agreed to collaborate with the author and to offer unprecendeted access to his “friends, files and associates” – the book promises to be an instant best seller. I’ve already pre-ordered my own copy – and you have to believe that I wouldn’t normally recommend a book or product without first having read/studied it… BUT – this is Warren Buffett and to say that this book has been long awaited is a gross understatement. Click on the link below to make your pre-order. The regular price is $34.00 ($30.00USD), pre-order price is only $21.42 ($19.80USD).

Preet Banerjee
Preet Banerjee
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