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I’ve added a new feature to this blog today: Skribit. If you look on the right hand side you will see a new widget that says “What should I write about?”. If you ever want to make a suggestion for a topic that you would like to read more about, just click on the widget and enter in your suggestion. For example, you could click and then write something short like:

Option Strategies
Market Action

You can also vote for topics that are listed – so if someone suggested ‘option strategies’ and then 50 other people voted for it, you can be sure to see more blog posts about option strategies on this blog since my goal is to more fully engage all the readers and deliver content that you want to see.

NOTE: You can make your suggestions and votes anonymously, but I believe you can set up an optional profile with Skribit as well. (I’m still figuring it out). If you sign up for a Skribit profile you can choose to be notified when I write a post based on your suggestion. If you are a regular reader though, I wouldn’t bother since you’ll see it posted anyways and as I’m new to Skribit, I can’t recommend the service yet.

So, I’ll try out this new feature for a while and see how it goes. As always, if anyone has suggestions or wants to otherwise get in touch with me, you can always send me a private message as well.

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Preet Banerjee
Preet Banerjee an independent consultant to the financial services industry and a personal finance commentator. You can learn more about Preet at his personal website and you can click here to follow him on Twitter.
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